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20 x Agra Wool Floral Block - 100% Natural Biodegradable

20 x Agra Wool Floral Block - 100% Natural Biodegradable

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  • 100% Natural floral foam for fresh flower work.
  • Block is used the same as a wet block.
  • Fully biodegradable.
  • Size per Block: 23 Length x 11cm Width x 8cm High.

Current floral foam blocks are made on an oil basis and are therefore not completely biodegradable, the 100% Natural Floral Foam blocks that Agra Wool International produces are made from basalt and a kind of sucrose (cane or beet sugar). Both completely natural products. The blocks can be torn into little pieces and put in the compost bin after use. Over time, the material decays and only basalt flour remains.

How to use:

It is best to use the 100% Natural Floral blocks with the ribbed side up. This side is the strongest and by using this side the water stays in the material much longer. If you work with very small and delicate stems, you can consider using the block on the side. This way you will be sticking the flowers between the "layers". This won’t work for heavy flowers; they will fall out. But in general we prefer to stick the finer stems into the ribbed side as well, you can prick holes in advance to allow them to enter the block without being damaged. The blocks are slightly spongier than the usual floral foam blocks. Pricking it 'wrong' once is therefore not a problem, you can easily put the flower in the same hole again. The florists who have worked with the blocks are actually all very positive.

Following the trends of today, a lot of work is done with dried flowers. The Natural Floral blocks are also very suitable for that. Ideal for florists, who only want to have one type of blocks in stock.

Potting soil replacement

Not just the material is durable, but the blocks are also durable in use. The "leftovers" of the blocks do not have to be thrown away. The pieces can very well be used as a replacement for (potting) soil in beautiful plant arrangements. The "foam" is a lightweight material, so it is also much less heavy than potting soil. And thanks to the nutritious composition of basalt flour, all plants tend to flourish on it. Agra Wool International has filled auction boxes with the blocks, after which they can be used to grow fruit and vegetables. Ideal for terrace or balcony. The used blocks, which have held flowers before, can also be reused in this way.